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Aka Architecture Summer Camp 2024

Day Camp
17 Ιουνίου - 12 Ιουλίου 2024

This summer, the most architectural day camp is coming with a program designed and implemented by Architecture Kids Athens. Every day, from Monday to Friday, at Aka Studio in Cholargos, children will take part in architectural workshops, explore the relationship between architecture, art and science, have fun in organized activities in the Municipal Park of Cholargos, participate in architectural walks in the same neighborhood while every Tuesday and Thursday early in the morning they will departure for different areas of Athens.

The program is aimed at children 7-12 years old (children who have just completed 2nd grade to children who have completed 6th grade) who like architecture and 3d constructions!

Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:30

The program is divided into 4 separate weekly cycles. The central theme in all cycles is the modern and contemporary city and architecture. Yes, in this architectural summer day camp the world around us, materials and learning through construction will have a dominant position!

1st week 17/6 – 21/6: The Experience of Modernity
2nd week 24/6 – 28/6: Architecture and the Urban Dimension
3rd week 1/7 – 5/7: Constructing Architecture
4th week 8/7 – 12/7: Living in Architecture

Along with the basic architecture program, children will participate in the afternoon zone in theater workshops, dramatization of stories, visual arts, comic, pottery and graffiti workshops, while at the end of the week they will prepare their portfolio.

Indicative Wednesday Program

8:30-9:00 Arrival/Free Play & Architectural Booklet Creation 
9:00-11:00 Architectural Workshop
11:00-11:30 Snack Break
11:30-13:00 Workshop in the park
13:00-13:30 Lunch break
13:30-14:00 Relaxation and free play
14:00-16:00 Theater workshop
16:00-16:30 Free Play & Architectural Booklet Creation / Departure Time

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15am we departure with a van for a different destination! Among other places, we will visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), the Plato Academy Park, the Alekos Fassianos Museum and its building, remodeled and designed by architect Kyriakos Krokos, as well as the Metropolitan Park Antonis Tritsis.


Food (snack and lunch) is the responsibility of the parents. Architecture Kids Athens takes care of all the rest! Please mark the items (food containers, water bottles) that children will bring with them.

Children should have with them:
Snack and lunch that don’t need to be heated or kept warm
Water flask
Hat and sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun
Wet wipes
We also suggest that they wear comfortable and cool clothes.

€190 for 1 week
€365 for 2 weeks
€535 for 3 weeks
€700 for 4 weeks

For more Info:
Τ: 210 6544724

Upon completion of this form, we will contact you. Participation is secured by depositing an advance payment (€90) and paying the entire amount before the start of the camp 
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