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Architectural Studio (12-15 years old)

Annual course*
Saturdays 15:00-17:00

Instructors: Christina Papadimitriou & Marc Britz

This course is an introduction to architectural design for kids. Based on three little projects, children will be introduced to various aspects of the architectural design process and its means of representation. From site-analysis and the careful reading of the projects’ functional program to considerations of form, typology and technology, children will arrive at an individual design with specific spatial features. All stages of the process come with different types of representation. Be it drawing, sketching and diagramming, model-making or other forms of communication, kids will learn how to present and to discuss their designs appropriately. The aim of the course is for kids to confidently partake in architectural studio culture and to take first steps in architectural design.

Number of participants: 10 children per workshop

Course Conception, Design & Teaching: Aka | ARCHITECTURE KIDS ATHENS

*The course runs from September 21, 2024 to May 31, 2025 (8.5 months | 34 workshops)
  Aka will be closed and the workshops will not take place on the following dates:

  Oct. 25-28, 2024 | Dec. 25, 2024 | Dec. 30-31, 2024 | Jan. 1-4, 2025 | Jan. 6, 2025 | March 3 2025 | March 25, 2025 | April 17-23, 2025 | May 1, 2025 | June 9

For more Info:
Τ: 210 6544724

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