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Childhood Spaces, Grown-Up Practices

How do early childhood experiences of space and architecture shape the identity of the individual? Yiannis Grigoriadis, artist and Professor at the School of Architecture at the Technical University of Athens, talks in the series “Childhood Spaces, Adult Practices” about his work in the light of his own memories.

In the video series “Childhood Spaces, Adult Practices” we ask people from different professional backgrounds to describe spatial or architectural experiences from their childhood that they consider important or somehow definitive. We ask them to reflect on how their memories influence their current practice and to make proposals from their perspective for the design of urban and architectural spaces for children and young people.

Yiannis Grigoriadis is an artist living and working in Athens, Greece. He studied sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and he also holds an MA from Staffordshire University. Since 2002 he is teaching and is a Professor of Plastic Arts at the School of Architecture, NTUA.

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Under the Auspices and with the Support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

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