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Aka 18 Plus

Aka 18 Plus

Series of 10 workshops for adults
Mondays 18:30-20:30

Instructor: Christina Papadimitriou & Marc Britz

This course of 10 workshops is an introduction to architectural design for adults. During the course, participants will design their own small domestic project and learn how to represent it according to architectural standards.

Together, we will use our projects in order to address and critically reflect on basic topics related to the process of architectural design. We will tackle site and topography, deal with material and construction techniques and explore usage and program of our building. We will get to know guiding principles of order and composition and we will learn about typology and historical context. The aim of the course is to gain an understanding of what it means to construct a unique spatial experience with architectural means.

Each class will come with a concise introduction to a specific topic and a complementary set of short texts for further individual reflection will accompany the practical work of each session. The workshops, introductions and texts will be provided in English language.


No previous knowledge of architectural design is necessary in order to successfully complete the course.

Number of participants: 8 per workshop

Fee: 200 € (+24% VAT)

Course Conception, Design & Teaching: Aka | ARCHITECTURE KIDS ATHENS

The workshops will take place on the following dates:

April 1st, 2024| April 8th, 2024 | April 15th, 2024 | April 22nd, 2024 | April 29th, 2024 | May 13th, 2024 | May 20th, 2024 | May 27th, 2024 | June  3rd, 2024 | June 10th, 2024

For more Info:
Τ: 210 6544724

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